about male escort Edmonton

My name is Andrew. I am a licensed bisexual male escort in Edmonton Alberta, Canada. I have been in the male escort business for several years now. It is definitely the best job I’ve ever had. I have met men and women from all walks of life. I have no real plans to retire from this job because I enjoy it so much.
I certainly enjoy the physical aspect of being a male escort in Edmonton but I also fully enjoy the different types of people and the scenarios in which we spend time together.
I am very happy that I am a licensed male escort with the City Of Edmonton Business and Bylaw Departments.

male escort Edmonton location

I am able to meet with people at their homes or hotel rooms. If you are not comfortable with that, and I fully understand, we could also meet at a massage studio in  Edmonton‘s west end. It is called Angel’s Spa. Angel’s spa is very well-run. It is in an industrial strip mall and very discreet. Management and staff are great. In fact, if you are interested, we could certainly invite one of their lovely female escort attendants to join us. I also have my Massage Attendant license through Angel’s Spa and the City Of Edmonton Bylaw Department.

right side of the law as a male escort

Not only do I not want to do anything illegal as a male escort in Edmonton, I also like the safety of being on the ‘right side of the law’. Several of the people I have met have said the same thing. I am well aware that calling an male escort can sometimes be nerve-wracking especially if someone has not done it before. I am pleased that my being licensed as a male escort in Edmonton can help put them at ease. I certainly wouldn’t want to do anything illegal and I can imagine that most people feel that way.
Any and every fantasy I’ve ever had (and there are many) have been fulfilled in my capacity as an male escort in Edmonton.

I really cannot think of many downsides of my chosen profession as a male escort. I feel we create our own luck but sometimes we just fall into great opportunities. I am one of those people.
Staying in peak physical shape is certainly important if you are a male escort.

working out

Luckily, I love working out. This is another ‘win-win’ situation. My body is my work so I make sure that you are getting the best I can offer.

repeat business

I have many people whom I see on a regular basis. There are men and women whom I met during my first month in the business.
We definitely have become friends and have come to care about each other. That is a great feeling.
Many people I’ve met have called me the next day and thanked me for how our session went. That makes me feel fantastic.
Life is short and we are all in this together, so why not help each other as much as we can?

nervous with your male escort?

If someone is nervous when we meet for the first time, I generally suggest starting with a sensuous massage. This is a great way to help ease any nervousness. I am very open minded so anything you might like to try, will certainly be fine with me.  A sensual massage feels great!

what will I do with my male escort in Edmonton?

I see men, women and couples. Gay, bisexual, transgendered and straight. I am more than comfortable in solo, duo and multiple situations. A sensuous nude massage is a great way to start. I am a male escort versed in domination and submission, MM, MF, MMF, FFM right here in Edmonton. I quite enjoy meeting men who are into cross dressing. No need to be shy with me!